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Oregun Shooters

Oregun Shooters™ is a firearms resource network built by Oregon gun owners for Oregon gun owners. Our goal is to be a one stop shop for information on  everything gun related in the state of Oregon. This community driven project relies on all Oregon 2A (Second Amendment) supporters to help us keep the listings accurate and up to date. Oregun Shooters - Resources for the Oregon 2A CommunityIf you have any additions or corrections for our listings, please fill out this form today and let us know about it!

Although there are several Oregon based gun businesses and pro-gun groups, we believe that most of them are not getting the exposure they deserve. We feel that by building a strong interactive community we can bring more awareness to Oregon shooting sports companies and enthusiasts.

It’s equally important to hear from the customers of our local Gun Stores, Gunsmiths and Shooting Ranges so we’ve included the ability for you to review them as a community. Companies deserve your feedback whether it’s good or bad. It’s our opinion that you can’t claim to support The Second Amendment while trampling on the First. Because of this, we will not censor valid complaints about any of the businesses listed on our network. If a business gets poor reviews then perhaps it’s time for that business to listen to it’s customer base and consider what they can do to improve the customer experience. Of course, some places may not be happy about this but as a community, we can learn which places to avoid until they clean up their act.

Another unique feature of this community is the Oregon Based Manufacturer Spotlights. In this section, we will be showcasing every manufacturer who is interested in promoting their products directly to Oregon consumers. Although our primary goal is to get the word out to Oregunians, our spotlights are search engine optimized to bring awareness worldwide.

Just like the Manufacturer Spotlights, our Product Reviews rank very well in the search engines. These product review opportunities are available to both Oregon and out of state manufacturers.

Our Discussion Forums utilize vBulletin because it’s the world’s most popular platform which makes for a familiar user experience. We encourage each and every one of you to join and participate in respectful discussions. By getting to know the Oregun Shooters™ in your area, you can build life long friendships and find others who share the same passion for guns as you do.

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Whether you’re new to shooting or have been a life long fan, we hope you find value in this new community of like minded gun owners. Thank you for stopping by. :)

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