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Threat Dynamics

Threat Dynamics

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4 Responses to Threat Dynamics

  1. Dan December 1, 2014 at 11:57 am #

    It’s difficult to review Threat Dynamics on products/service and pricing value, given there really isn’t another facility like it in the area. They are not just a shooting range. Their training apparatus is first-rate. The retail space is refreshingly uncluttered, and products are displayed in a way the breaks out of the tired template of traditional gun shops. Including an enclave to decompress and linger longer is good business. So, why just two stars on products/services and pricing value?

    The product load-out of the store is just very light. Good products and some real out-of-the-ordinary top-shelf offerings light Nighthawk Custom pistols, but very few pistols. Even fewer rifles. Less shotguns still. Gun selection isn’t everything, but don’t stock so little, that customers feel they need to go elsewhere to make a purchase.

    I rate pricing value low, solely on the indoor range. It’s a great range, and it’s so close to home, that’s it’s nearly irresistible to have my mail and phone calls forwarded to Threat Dynamics. Having said that, their fees for the range are as abusive as the Clackamas County Public Safety Training Center. $25 per lane is already expensive and $10 for each additional guest. Then TD charges a $5 inspection fee to use your own ammo; I call it a $5 penalty. I have to spend $50, just to get me and my two sons on a lane, not including ammo and targets. I was surprised to discover TD hadn’t published these rates on their website or on social media; I had to call the store to find out.

    Businesses are free to assign a value to their companies’ products and services. Unfortunately, TD has priced me right out of using their range. I am married with kids, upper middle class, own several firearms, love shooting, am personal protection minded and have purchased firearms training many times—and I’m still not the target audience?

    I withheld a star for customer service quality ONLY because TD doesn’t publish their fees or range rules on their website at the time of this review.

    Publish your fees and range rules on your website. Drop the ammo inspection fee and adjust your range fee to $15 per lane and $5 per additional guest. I will visit frequently, introduce more new patrons to TD, buy more ammo at your store and afford more training on your simulators. I can’t wait to give you more of my money.

    Let me end on a positive note. Ryan and his team are terrific people—real patriots—and they are striving to break new ground. It’s very refreshing and long overdue in the industry. I wish them much success.

  2. Mark June 16, 2015 at 9:23 am #

    The nicest indoor range in the metro area that is open to the public. Plus they have simulation services which are unique, and really fun. They have a very small stock of quality firearms and products, but they are an FFL and are happy to do transfers for you at a fair price. You can rent some firearms most people would like to try for a great price, but their isn’t a huge selection. Last I feel that being able to bring your own ammo for the live range is fantastic. Because of that, I can shoot for around $40-$50 total with targets bought there. You can bring your own targets I believe, but I feel that this cost is about the cost of a box of ammo, and completely fair for a really nice range they provide. You can also get training from cert. instructors if you’d like. Other than wishing they had 100 yards on the range to shoot (only goes to 22 yards) being able to shoot up to 30 cal. riffles is awesome. Highly recomend shooting there, and using the simulators. A great place overall.

  3. Chuck December 16, 2015 at 8:52 am #

    My wife and I are rookie shooters. A friend directed us to TD, and we are grateful for that. We found time on the simulators, with instruction, as well as the personal instruction on newly purchased firearms, was worth every penny and then some. I can echo alot of what Dan said in his review above.
    Regarding pricing, a lane, 2 guests, and a nuisance charge on the ammunition means it takes $50 to get on a lane. This means I will get to TD half as often as I would like to, and give TD 50% of the opportunities they would normally have to expose me to other goods and services that they offer. That said, I will be coming back, just not as often as I would like to.


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